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What is Skill Hack™?

Skill Hack™ is a revolutionary method of cheating that works in any game! No longer must you wait for a new version of your favorite cheat each time a game is updated or a new anti-cheat comes out, because Skill Hack™ cannot be detected by conventional anti-cheat technology. To date, no computer program has ever even come close to catching Skill Hack™ in action! Despite ongoing research done by leading game developers, every version of Skill Hack™ still works without problem on every game!

What features does Skill Hack™ offer?

Since Skill Hack™ is a universal cheat that will tip the odds in any game, you might think that it doesn't have many features and will only affect one small aspect of games, such as your score. Such thoughts would be incorrect! Skill Hack™ will help you in every way you would want in every game! Anything you've wanted a cheat to allow is now possible!

Where can I get Skill Hack™?

Because of the room for abuse of Skill Hack™, it's distribution has been extremely limited. In order to get a copy of Skill Hack™, you'll have to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy, talented individual. If it was given away to just anybody, endless chaos would follow, so we have to know for sure that you won't distribute it to those that are not responsible enough to use it properly and that you can demonstrate a decent sense of responsibility.